Monday - 13-12-10 - All work in

This week presentations took place with both 1st and 2nd years handing in all of their final outcomes from their projects. Next week all projects will be marked and the students will have potential to improve on their grade. (photos of final pieces will be posted up soon)

Saturday 11-12-10 - Random got beautiful

On Thursday 11-11-10 I posted up that i had been out with 2nd years on a local photography trip just
having fun with photos and natural snapping techniques. this was to go toward producing a colour board.
This idea had arrived form visiting which features hundreds of photos that have been picked from the public uploading images and then split into colour orientations. I decided to upload what i considered to me my personal favourite from that day and photography and sent it to them hoping that it would make the board. "guess what, it did"

(Top left, Dan Fardell Southend-on-Sea)

Friday 10-12-10 - Woodview Campus - Aida Design challenege

As part of teaching Unit 12: Computers in art, Jo stringer has decided to use this project as a form of competition which I will be leading, The brief has been written and is currently being IV'd By Lee Hey.

The royal Opera house opened up new workshop and prepping facilities over in Purfleet and has had connections with South Essex since 1997. Using this as guidance and help Unit 12: will be to design a poser for an up and coming 2011 version of Giuseppe Verdi's Opera Aida.

The ROH would like students from institutes all over the South East to digitally design a poster that can be used to market and promote the opera with the opportunity for the winner to have their design professional printed and used as part of the operas showcase material. This is a huge opportunity for not only individual students to excel withing their 1st year but for South Essex College to be recognised for outstanding work.

The competition runs until February 18th and I will be teaching both GAD 1st year groups on this project. Watch out for results!

Monday - 06-12-10 - Catch up week

Class Returns:

Due to the snow all presentations have been put on hold this week and will take place WB13-12-10.
It was a pleasure to see students actually excited about coming back, as i think a lot of them couldn't produce the work load they wanted to using their home facilities.

Mentor Meeting:

I had another mentor meeting with Jo stringer today who is also the new GAD course leader over at the Woodview campuse (Grays). Jo has invited me onto the Woodview GAD team 1 day a week and I will be running a whole project and ed excel unit by myself, specializing in computers in art.

Jack Petchey Award:

On another note, two weeks ago I nominated one of my 2nd year GAD students for the jack Petchey award based on his outstanding performance since my arrival, I received confirmation that he has won, which is an absolute delight for both myself, the student and the course. he will be receiving £200 as reward money in which he can purchase new material and equipment o help in on his course.

WC 29-11-10 - College Closes due to bad weather

This week has been a real miss in terms of work load, with deadlines coming up over the next two weeks the weather took a turn for the worst and all classes were suspended from Tuesday onwards.