Wednesday - 09-03-11 PTTLS micro teach

Today I had my micro teach exam where I had to produce a 30 min lesson with all of the correct documentation, and presented my lesson in front of my peers and my 2 tutors S.Green and M.Hannan.

All went well and i passed, all that is left is the remainder of my essays to be completed and my portfolio to be put together. Once completed I will be eligible to start my 2 year Diploma in teaching course.

Monday - 28-02-11 - Group B

"Group B @ Kings Cross station"

Monday - 28-02-11 - London photogrpahy Exhibitions

As if Group B hadn't already had a week off, I decided to book up a day of photography and the entrance to two brand new exhibitions.

London futures - at the museum of London, is a new contemporary installation of manipulated photos of iconic postcard shots showing the potential impact of global warning. The team were taken back by some of the outcomes and it really got them to think about the potential devastation we could cause. The exhibition was put together really well, with each photo being around A1 in size and having a light box fitted to all to really show off every bit of detail.

After that we took a train the to the end of the Victoria line where I took them to see Adam Pattersons Gang life exhibition at Brixtons Photo fusion. This exhibition was small and personal and in fact terribly emotional, in a two part series the overall picture is that back in 2008 Robert Patterson who works as a photographer photographed Jean Claude Dagron who was in a gang around the surrounding area of London. After 2 years of keeping in contact Robert Patterson re-visited Jean Claude Dagron where he had left london with his new family, left the gang and had started a new life in peace. the exhibtion was put together with personal touches as Jean Claude Dagron himself and revisted Photo Fusion and hand annotated all of the images. A remarkable day out and one hopfully Group B won't forget in a rush. 

Friday - 18-02-11 - Staff Development

That's it for another term, College was closed to all students and we had a staff development day we we discussed plans of moving forward with the Woodveiw campus and highlighted codes on conduct. we were situated in teams "Art and Design". 

See you all back on the 28-02-11

Tuesday - 15-02-11 - Pin boards

After the mass success of introducing Debbie Smyth's work to year 2, I decided to get year 1's involved (on a smaller scale) and let the experiment with the practical implementation of drawing with string. Earlier in the term as part of Unit 01: drawing, the team were asked to produce some sketches of the colleges atrium space. This was then used as the starting image for the pin boards which again supplied us with some fantastic results, a lot of noise, a few sore thumbs and a lot of fun. Some of those who manage to craft the art of drawing with string had their work shown at open night which saw a very good turn out with many positive reactions.

Friday - 11-02-11 - Woodview campus - Aida Challenge deadline

1st year GAD over at the Woodview campus will be submitting their final Aida design challenge work in today. They have spent the last 3 weeks working with myself toward producing a poster that could potentially be chosen to advertise the up and coming performance of Aida held at the Royal Opera House.

Winners should be announced in a few weeks and i am really hoping to keep on my winning streak form and get another announcement.