Friday - 23-12-11 - Surface pattern

It's that time of year again X-mas has arrived and I for one enjoy not only the mass amount of films and food consumed but also the time to spend experimenting and trying out new techniques and designs ready for the new year. Over the last year or two I have noticed digital surface patterns becoming more and more popular within the commercial sector. I recently came across and group of collaborative artists called "Revenge is Sweet" and decided to take the X-mas holidays as an opportunity to produce some experimental wallpaper designs. Let me know what you think.

Tuesday - 20-12-11 - Graphics Autobiography

On the last day of term as a bit of a come down for the term and as part of their portfolios', I asked each of the Graphic Design pathway students to create an autobiography that discussed them in up to 12 words. Sounds tricky, sounds creative, sounds random. All of these apply if they want to get into their chosen universities next year. Choice of colour and typeface was completely inspired by themselves, all they had was my reaction to the brief as a reference.

Sunday - 18-12-11 - Why Graphic Design should be on the streets

OK, so following on from the FDA's exhibition "Museum of the ordinary" two students came across an unexpected find a few weeks ago and took no time or influence in creating two pieces of stunning graphic deign work that they used within the show. Rhys & Matt who are planning on going onto study graphic communication and illustration next year, found two oversize vinyls posters dumped outside a major sports retailer back doors (One mans rubbish is another mans treasures!). The guys spent a good 2 weeks putting there "Ad Buster" inspired spin into it prompting issues and exploiting the companies aspects. The pair of Graphic Design go getters then exhibited them in the  local high street where originally found for all to view. I must note that they didn't last long, and in fact Rhys's piece has banished from its location and is probably up on some "Emo" kids bedroom wall. Matts came back (Not in the original condition) but none the less they go some great pictures of their work. Well done Lads!

Saturday - 17-12-11 - Ideas make outcomes

I have recently found myself coming across in magazines and on design blogs a trend of Graphic Design work inspired by simple geometry and colour transition. This week in between teaching I decided to work on some test pieces just experimenting with the overlapping of shapes and colour, with the idea that an image would appear within the piece. I showed the team on Friday and they found it really interesting, throwing ideas up about how it could evolve. This is something they we may work on as an extra project and I especially want to explore more imagery and eventually put together a show reel. See what you think!

Thursday 15-12-11 - Portfolio Series continued

This week we had Miss Chelsea Kerrigan who is an ex student from last year. Chelsea who studied Design Crafts and specialized in Glass and Jewellery went onto London Met University where she is now studying BA Hons Jewellery Design and Silversmithing. The guys really enjoyed looking through her portfolio and could relate to her as she discussed how she was feeling whilst in their current position. Chelsea also brought in some examples of what she is working on and discussed her current university experience. This series of young designers coming in has really helped the team to understand the importance of higher education.

Wednesday - 14-12-11 - Tape Invader

Today was the opening of the Foundation Diploma in Art and Designs show entitled "Museum of the ordinary" A clean, cut exhibition that saw the entire gallery walkway invaded by an over scaled map of Southend On-Sea produced out of electrical tape. The show also provided two show reels on loops projecting the outcomes achieved by the students. There were some fantastic outcomes and the show had a real quirky feel about it just like the team wanted. All the students work is available on their live blog at "The museum of the ordinary" (link coming soon)

Monday - 12-11-11 - DTTLS Unit 04 Presentation

As part of this terms DTTLS unit 4: Theories and principles for planning and enabling learning I was asked to produce and present my findings on relative research and professional practice in regards to inclusive and effective teaching. I presented a power point presentation for the needs of the course, however I have decided to format the content into a much more visual and engaging video. See what you think (Play loud)

Wednesday - 07-12-11 - Exhibition Video Tour

A special thank you to one of my Graphic Design students Jonah Ripley who spent time recording the exhibition on its opening night and creating yet again another video master piece.

Tuesday - 06-12-11 - Home Sweet Home Exhibition

I have been inundated with compliments and congratulations over the success of the "Home Sweet Home" exhibition. Lee, Chloe, Emma and myself have been waiting for this moment since the beginning of term and are so pleased everyone who visited the exhibition enjoyed themselves. The team put in a great collaborative work ethic getting the exhibition up in 1 day. Really pleased overall with the appearance, the quality of work and how well it has all gone. Here are some snap shots of a few pieces of work.

Sunday - 04-12-11 - Home Sweet Home Exhibition

Thursday 01-12-11 - Young Blood - Portfolio Series

As a way of inspiring my current year 2's I have been in contact with some of my past students who have gone onto to do bigger and better things. I have planned to have 4 ex students come in and showcase their Art & Design portfolio and discuss with the team their experiences and what they are doing now. It has been great to catch up with some old faces and talk about the new and exciting projects that they are getting involved with.

                 24.11.11 - Sophie Saunders (Graphic Design @ Ravensbourne)

                  01.12.11 - Greg Myers (Printmaking @ Brighton University)