29-04-12 - Everybody wants to be a cat

I should have posted this up a long time ago, but this video is from the project "Adaptations". Year 2 student Ellie decided as part of her project to adapt the well known Disney film aristocats. The project consisted of a collection of semi-automatic drawings produced from watching the film that were then succinctly placed in order to create this fast paced, hyper colour stop motion video. It captures the essence of the film perfect along with a quirky little remix of the song that we found whilst browsing the web. A very professional looking outcome and I hope to see form the rest of the team some more work using different multimedia such as video and stop motion. 

27-04-12 - New Book "Fuse"

FUSE started out as a collection a magazines produced in the mid 90's by iconic graphic designer Neville Brody. Each magazine consisted of visual inspiration and documentation on a particular theme and produced various content on designers covering branding, typography, print and everything else design orientated. I have been aware of Neville and his work for many years, and had even heard of "FUSE", yet I had never manged to of got hold of a copy nor ever read one. 

Around once a week I drop into Magmas website looking for new and upcoming books that may pick my brains, for me they are my ultimate resource and keep my inspiration going. I noticed that under the graphic design section Tachen had just released a new book entitled "Fuse 1-20" and immediately I had to get my hands on it. I have not spent a massive time looking through this yet but I can tell you from what I have seen and the fact that it is going to be a limited edition run, that all those with an interest in graphic design need a copy. 

The most interesting bit and most surprising really is that when FUSE magazine was released much like creative review does now, each front cover was designed by a special guest designer that made FUSE magazine a collectors item. Taschen have been kind enough to not only bind all the issues together in one micro glossy book, but they have also given each buyer a copy of 10 front covers in the form of an A2 poster (f you could only had seen my face). I cannot wait to get my posters on the wall and my head into this book. BUY IT!

25-04-12 - Graphopoly Presentation

Today I had to present my board game resource that I have been working on alongside with Vic as part of our managing and developing resources unit. We decided to produce a classic spin on the well know board game Monopoly and introduce some educational and creative features. During the Easter holidays I became slightly obsessed with the idea and let it run away with me.

By the time time I got back to work and discussed the presentational strategy with Vic I had produced a full board, money, a rule book and even gone to the trouble of refurbishing an old toy box. All hours and hard graft put aside I did not expect no where near the reaction I received with with my peers and especially my tutor Shirley absolutely loving it! and after a 30 minute game the smiles and excitement still remained. I am over the moon with the reaction and it has really motivated me with recognizing what me and Vic have achieved.

I would definitely consider taking this forward and fixing some of the initial design faults that were discovered through playing. watch this space! you never know where "Graphopoly" could go.below are some live action shots.

24-04-12 - Damien Hirst @ Tate Modern

Since watching the channel 4 documentary on Damien Hirst back in the Easter holidays I have been so excited to finally be going to the exhibition. with the last term of this academic year underway and a vast majority of time and attention aimed towards the second year students, it was nice to take the first years on this truly inspirational trip. The exhibition feature all of Damien's work from his students days at Goldsmiths college through to when he became the Turner prize winner and so on. The exhibition was remarkable with inspiration literally alive in front of you. I was as wrapped up as I could possibly be (keeping my eyes on 22 students).

I would have recommended this exhbition to anyone despite being interested in art or not, but since the exhibition holds a strict no photography rule it gives you even more of a push to go and see it. the exhibition runs until September, although Damien's iconic Crystal Skull "For the love of God" will be exhibited in a secret room located in the turbine hall only until June. Below are my documented memories of the day. GO AND SEE IT!

A miniature guide was given to you upon entry of the exhibition

1st year Art and Design students from South Essex College

Saturday - 21-04-12 - New Book "Graphic Design for Fashion"

I have just received my copy of "Graphic Design for Fashion" sourced, designed and written by design double act Jay Hess and Simone Pasztorek. This book showcases a stunning selection of work that I have never seen before, with a global round up of some of the most innovative work used within the fashion industry. I purchased this for the Design crafts team who like the other pathway groups are currently working on their portfolio however, are finding it difficult due to the nature of their work to structure their portfolios. This book should be able to communicate some visual ideas over to both them and myself and If you have an interest in fashion, graphic design or print then this is a book to add to the collection. Jay and Simone's current website is under development but click here to read about "Graphic design for Fashion" on the Dazed Digital website.

Thursday - 19.04.12 - New Business Cards Arrive

Around two weeks ago I sent off and applied for a collection of digitally embossed business cards supplied by McGowans print. I had never considered the idea of having a need for a business card while being a design lecturer but being they were offering a special edition of 100 free cards to a select few subscribers I figured I would try and get hold of some that I could then use and show to my learners to promote professional practice. Anyhow, After waiting a fair while and wondering if the offer was too good to be true they arrived. extremely happy with the outcome! the digital embossed element really adds definition and a new dynamic to the cards. I cant wait to start handing them out.

Click here to go to McGowans Print

Wednesday - 11-04-12 - Rob Ryan Stencil Screen Print

Here is another outcome from the Rob Ryan stencil task I set my Year 2 students. A much more intricate style with not so many bold shapes. This delicate style really helps bring the main details out in the character.

Tuesday - 10-04-12 - Graphopoly "Design Resource"

This term as part of my DTTLS course, I have been looking into resources and the different aspects and ideas behind them. Why do we use them? how do we determine what resource to use? and are all resources adaptable to specialist fields. Myself and my design Partner Victoria Burch as recently posted completed the design of a recourse in the style of a Treasure Hunt. This time round we have set ourselves the challenge to design a resource specialist to Graphic Design in the style of "A board Game'. This will be completed and posted up shortly but for now here is a little taster of what it to come.

Monday - 09-04-12 - Damien Hirst "Design Inspiration"

As most of you may be aware if you have any interest in the Art & Design world, that Damien Hirst has recently brought his life's work to London's Tate Modern. He was also documented on Chanel 4 a couple of weeks ago where by Noel Fielding was lucky enough to get a private tour and first glimpse around the exhibition and was able to discuss Damien's true reflections and interest about his work. I have always been aware of Damien Hirst and like most probably known of him for his tanked shark and his diamond skull. 

I am attending the exhibition along with the rest of the design team and the students in a couple of weeks but now having seen the recent documentaries I must say that I am and will forever be inspired by Damien Hirst. His discussions, approaches, and methods are unrecognised and have really made just want to create work. Over this last couple of weeks I have been discussing with people his dot/circle paintings and that this had kick started my brain to start considering other shapes that through repetition of colour and scale could create such an impact (more of this to follow). For now I leave you with some images of his work and will be posting up my personal experiences when I go to the exhibition in around 2 weeks.

Sunday - 08-04-12 - New Generation

It is always great to see people I know share the same interest in Design and attempt to push boundaries just as I attempt to day in, day out. A couple of months ago I was introduced to Michael Donovan who is a current Year 2 Graphic Design student studying at Nottingham Trent University. Although we were introduced in different circumstances it is our love for Graphic Design that has made me want to blog about him. Michael has produced a rich body of work so far with each piece capturing his style of bold colours and rich illustrations.

His newly finished website MJD accompanied by a blog documents all of his projects to date showcasing both personal and educational projects and several design competitions including D&AD and the Puffin Student awards in which Michael is awaiting for this years results. Below is a personal favourite of mine from his website where by he has produced a collection of posters for the infamous nightclub that is "Ministry Of Sound". He has produced artwork that captures movement, light and the mood that any good raver would recognise, I wish him the best of luck with this years design competitions and I am sure at some point I will get him to come and talk to my students at South Essex College.

Thursday - 05-04-12 - Business Cards

I recently decided to design and order some new business cards on the back of my 30x30 project now being a big part of my branding. They should arrive soon and I have had some elements digitally embossed adding another element to the design.

Tuesday - 03-04-12 - Barrett Typeface

This obscure and fragmented typeface was designed by year 2 Graphic design student Chloe Barrett. The design was based on a reaction task where by each student was given a "random" object. This particular typeface was produced by hand out of business cards that had been sliced, cut and then placed together. It almost has a shattered feel to it given it characteristics of broken glass or mirror. For more information on this typeface visit Chloe's website HERE.

Tuesday - 03-04-12 - Layered Graphics