13-06-12 - Departed Soles Exhibition

Today was the opening private view night for the Departed Soles exhibitions. the show was an excellent success with a full house of friends, families and other outside guests all giving some great feedback to the students and to myself as one of the course lecturers. Everyone had worked so hard on setting up this exhibition and you could see the relief and expression of success on all of the students faces who attended last night. the show consisted of a range of pieces, products and art forms each to their own complimenting the space. Below is some photos of some of my "Graphic Design students" outcomes. More photos are on their way.



06-06-12 - Fashion, Fashion, Fashion

Last night was the private view night for the BND level 3 Fashion promotion end of year show. the exhibition consisted of an array of exciting outcomes that promoted brands within the discipline of fashion. There was a real diverse range of outcomes varying from booklets, posters, calenders, projections and even cupcakes. The exhibition was a one night pop up shop that coincided with the BA Hons Fashion Design end of year Catwalk show. 

The BA Fashion Design Catwalk was a chance to see all that had been happening in the fashion studio this year with a collection of over a 100 pieces being showcased from a range of truly talented young designers. I didn't get the time to see the show last year so I was really excited about seeing what the catwalk brought to the college. Some of the garments were designed and produced to an exceptional high standard and I could see so many being sold if entered into the high street market. This was the 1st of the end of year shows for 2012 with more to commence this week included my very own Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art and Design Departed soles exhibition.

29-05-12 - Mural Design

In continuing with the mural project this week, 1st years have now explored a range of images and produced stencils to create there mural designs. each student was assigned a colour group that they had to stay within and had to ensure that their design overlapped onto the next students work. This morning my self and Lee took the team down into the atrium area and joined all of the mock panel together to get a sense of what needed to be changed and improved. Next week the 1st years will start their final pieces painting their stencils onto 1.5M plywood panels ready to be installed in a couple of weeks.