Friday - 28-01-11 - Aida Design

As you may be aware now I'm teaching GAD at the woodview campus in Grays on a Friday. The first years are currently working towards the completion of 2 live competitions, both based on the opera Aida; one is to produce a graphical poster (specializing in computer in art) and the other is to design and make a costume based on one of the characters. it is a challenging project for some students as this is only there second term at Level 3. Below are some images form there costumes that they are working on. next week they will start to produce a physical garment ready for the competitions deadline. For more information visit AIDA

Thursday - 27-01-11 IF only . . .

Next Monday the Ba Interior students will be issued with a new project, "IF ONLY" is a competition run by FX magazine and is a live project. Part time tutor and Director of interior design practice KSS Sarah Wilkins will be coming in to brief the students on the direction of the project.

Today we spent the morning brainstorming scenarios and avenues that we could potentially explore. Dave (course leader)  is keen for me to have major input in this project which is a fantastic opportunity for me to once again get down and creative with the team producing conceptual ideas and producing design boards. watch this space.

FX magazine article

Tuesday - 25-01-11 Audrey Kawasaki

As part of UNIT 01-Drawing today with YR1 GPc we explored Audrey Kawasaki's work.She is an LA based artists who produces erotica styled images produced in brusho inks onto natural block of wood, The team started out by producing a hand rendered sketch of themselves using a mirror and then went on to recreate the image onto their piece of MDF board. During the afternoon session then then started to play around with the different inks and tools exploring Chinese brushes, calligraphy sticks and fine art brushes. All in all it was a fantastic success the class enjoyed themselves and some of the outcomes were very string. below is a montage of images form myself documenting the day. 

Monday - 17-01-11 - Friday - 21-01-11

Ba Interiors are currently off as there work gets marked (there are plans for me to re-visit Ravensbourne and discuss a collaborative project)

2nd years continue to work on their projects alongside portfolios - interviews have commenced so nervous times, preparation is the key and most of this week I was supporting them in designing the layout and structure of their folio's
1st years A-Z project is going well, we studied Calligrams this week and looked into artists Joni James
On Tuesday i attempted a part social part drawing exercise where by you draw to the beat of music, my weapon of choice was Dubstep and each student had either a pen, pencil or crayon in each hand. Placed into pairs they had to  draw each other with a focus on not removing their pens off of the paper. Not all the students took to this but those who did the results were fantastic.

Work will start to be posted up as of next week

Jack Petchey Award Winner

Ok, so before x-mas i nominated one of my second year students for outstanding achievement and entered him into the colleges Jack Petchey award scheme. this scheme recognizes young and upcoming talent and individuals who are pushing the limits, well i must be doing something right because my student won. (please see article that was published in the college bulletin below)

GAD second years "structures" final Poject

Here are some images from some of the second years "Structures" project, all outcomes were varied and related to their chosen pathway. It was great to see such a great development and strong outcomes, we are still looking to exhibit this work as it clearly needs to be presented to the public as representation of the college.