Thursday - 05-05-11 - BA Interior Last day

Today was my last full day with the 1st year Interior students, they will now hand in all assignments on Monday and be free for the summer before returning in September. It is always a great day teaching on the BA, the team is so committed and on board, we worked through all of their projects just monitoring who had what completed. The Interiors course is extremely fast paced and one that has caught me out this year, the team have had to work on multiple projects in a real short amount of time, having said that there have been some great results and I look forward to seeing their final bodies of work on Monday.

Monday - 02-05-11 - Summer Term

So after the longest Easter holidays (not complaining) the summer term has finally started. I am now teaching BA interiors all day Thursdays which is great for me but they are only here for another 2 weeks before they finish. However it will give me a chance to start planning for next year nice and early whilst I revisit my beloved Hybrid GAD group. This term should be the best by far, with final pieces in the pipe line, trips and design shows. Watch out as i'm sure you will see some great final pieces posted up here in a few weeks.