Sunday - 23-10-11 - Sarah Morpeth

I bought this at the Origin Design festival  back in September and completely forgot to post it up. Amazing paper crafts designer Sarah Morpeth had this amazing exhibition stand and believe me when I say "I would of bought one of everything!" As I am a great fan of Owls, and with autumn winter arriving I decided to purchase this amazing little book which has giving me lots of creative ideas ready for January's "The great Adaptations" project.

Friday - 21-10-11 - Working Hard pays off

OK, so this Friday was staff development day, it gives staff time to hold managerial meetings and course meetings and really push and discuss ideas in moving forward. It has been a real intense 1st term and I for one have noticed a difference in raising my game and standards in the time I spend at work (too much time). I'm not afraid to say that it has affected me both mentally and physically and half term gives me an opportunity to work at a more realistic pace and recharge my AA's. This Friday was also the staff AAA Awards ceremony where a series of colleagues and staff members were nominated into categories for Aspiration, Access and Achievement. I was completely unaware of this and made jokes all day about how "I should sit in the front row!". I shouldn't of.

Because . . . "I was nominated for excellence under the category of colleague and WON"

Thursday - 20-10-11 - London Photography trip

As part of the 2nd Year "Structures project" I decided to take my Graphic Design pathway students up to London for a photography day out. I planned a route that would take them around London financial sector showcasing original limestone work, newly developed glass facades and unfinished projects. The whole day was a break away from the studio space and allowed my students to take in the impact these buildings are making. They all gave great feedback and have started to consider what they could use their photos for once we return after half term. I didn't take my opportunities that day in photographing a lot as I played a key role in navigating them around and giving my tourist speeches.

Sunday - 16-10-11 - Seven Deadly sins

This is piece of work I produced as an example of showcasing the seven deadly sins. I used the iconic brand "Facebook" and modified the typography to represent each sin. Can you identify each sin?

Friday - 07-10-11 - Rejam with Andrew Grant

Rejam is an events company which I am very much involved with and have a lot of love and time for. My mate started the company last year and has been hitting London venues hard spreading the Rejam love. My involvement is very much with promotional wear and various other graphics work that helps and supports the team.

Friday - 07-10-11 - Linder sterling

This weeks Unit 12 graphics task was based around British eccentric montage artist "Linder Sterling" I ran this task last year just because of the shock factor that's involved and because you can get some real strong outcomes.

Thursday 06-10-11 - Random Light

Here are some photos from this weeks design crafts task. This is currently work in progress to be completed next week.

Thursday 06-10-11 - Random Light

Tuesday - 04-10-11 - John Virtue

As part of the 1st years Evolution project, this week we looked at British artist John Virtue. John's known for his monochrome landscapes and the students produced a series of reaction pieces based upon his work as a reference.

Monday - 03-10-11 - Random Got Beautiful

Some of the photos from the local learning trip were fantastic and the students got some great photos. This lesson was Observed again by a member of the initial teacher training group and it went really well. Some of the photos were sent to Nikki's website and some went up on her website. Great for the teams professional development and portfolio.

Friday - 30-09-11 - Random got beautiful

This is the second time I have organized this local learning trip with the graphic pathway students as part of their "Structures project". The plan is to take a series of photos each containing one dominant colour which will later be transformed into a colour wheel and if chosen, be posted up on Nikki Farquharson's "random got beautiful" website. Here are some of my photos from the day. 

Friday - 30-10-11 - Prismatic Table

Well I think it is fair to say that this weeks task didn't go entirely to plan. There were numerous mistakes made throughout the design process that all led back to myself not be completely sure about how to approach the task. I have taken this as a massive reflection when dealing with new tasks, however I am pleased that despite a few comment overall the class did say that they realized how crucial development and research was to a project.

Thursday - 29-10-11 - Design Crafts - Prismatic table

This weeks activity is based upon Japanese folding techniques and geometry to create a prismatic table