Monday - 19-02-12 - Rob Ryan Stencil Screen Print

This absolutely stunning stencil screen print was one of many final pieces produced in relation to a Rob Ryan task I ran a couple of weeks ago with Y2 Graphic students as part of their "Adaptations" project. Each of the students starting points was a film quote and scene of their choice, along with a series of Rob Ryan prints as reference. If you haven't heard or seen any of Rob Ryans work, nor have you read any of my previous posts about him before, I cannot stress enough to check his work out. 

Any how, one of my students become really involved in the task and on Monday followed it through to completing her stencil screen print. Her outcome was based upon Tom Hanks iconic "Forest Gump". See if you can recognise the scene.

Thursday - 08-03-12 - Type Everything blog

One of my ex students sent me a link to an amazing blog this week. Type Everything is a visual collaborative blog made up of other designing and visually inspiring blogs, it showcases all that has been, can be and will be TYPE. check it out if your creative.

Wednesday - 07-03-12 - Treasure Hunting Resource

As part of my DTTLS unit 01: Managing and developing resources I was asked to design an informative treasure hunt that I presented to the rest of my peers this week. I was working with fellow class mate and graphic designer Vic, and after many long discussions we decided to produce something that was simple, quirky and definitely fun. No body complained using treasure maps, finding clues and receiving treats at the end. I am not sure if I would use this resource in class with the "too cool for school kids" but as an eye opener to resources it would work very well as an ice breaker activity.

Tuesday - 06-03-12 - Envious Marmite creatures

This week as part of the seven deadly sins project, the 1st years were introduced to Envy and the brand that was linked to this weeks task was Marmite. The idea of the task was to create a series of Rorschach designs also known as ink blot tests, they are used within the areas of psychology and suggest areas of sub-conscious emotions, thoughts and behavioural patterns. The team were asked to then illustrate over the top of the mark they had made looking for what they could perceive as envious creatures and monsters. It ended up being a bit of a Marmite factory with the studio covered in Rorschach tests, however there were some very interesting outcomes and many of the students have considered looking into this area further.


Thursday - 01-03-12 - 30x30 Final outcomes

This year has seen myself as a design tutor take on a lot more and although I would be the first to admit that the pressure is intense and has at times become unbearable, it has also excelled myself and pushed my own design skill set and direction as the young designer I am. 30x30 is a personal self promotional project inspired by the works of Andy Gilmore. Each design has been inspired by an event taken place during my day, it has been a test of time, keeping to one design per day and attempting to not over complicate nor repeat any designs. I have had some great support through this project and will definitely be producing some more self driven graphic design work. There will be 30 copies of each design available if you would like to purchase any of the designs or if you would like to find out any more information about this project contact me via email.