21-02-13 - Viva La Paris

For the past 3 days I have been in Paris for my second year running along with the students of Fine Art and Art & Design at South Essex College. 3 days in Paris opens your mind and eyes up to an array of different cultures, architecture, food, artwork and sheer creativity that surrounds this captivating place. The agenda was pact to state the obvious and despite a few hick ups along the way we managed to witness and visit some amazing places. Here are a few pictures form my travels that sum up my experience. Merci,

14-02-13 - Valentines Day

17-01-13 - Observational Drawing

As part of Unit 75:Observational Drawing, Myself and Lee have been running a series of collaborative drawing workshops that have shown a rnage of drawing techniques using a different apporcahes, conditions and media. Drawing is a fundamental part of any art course and it is great to see some amazing work produced at the end of a session.

13-01-13 - New Academy Identity

I have recently been approached and have now had several meetings with regards to the re-branding and design of a new identity for the courses within the fine art academy at South Essex College. Since swapping awarding bodies and becoming associated with University of the Arts London, there has been discussions over a new look. The plan is for all courses to share a link between identities acknowledging each other through colour and course code, This is an ongoing project that will run until the end of the year with additional marketing coming in through the design of publications and a new website. Being part of this is a great opportunity to see my graphic design work spread wide across the college and out to the public. Here is a sneak peak at what has been designed ATM.

07-01-13 - "Adaptations" Induction Task

"Adaptations" is the year 2 Art & Design students second term brief. It requires students to produce several responses composed of multiple formats based on a body of text or specific visual form a film of their choosing. The induction task was a one day brief where students were given an extract from a selection of Tim Burton poems and short stories. In groups they were required to produce a response using paper and card that communicated the passage of text. This was a quick exercise to get the team thinking about what adaptions meant, the overall outcome exceeded my expectations with some really interesting costumes and techniques showcased.

03-01-13 - "Structures" Final outcomes

Sorry for the delay in posts but it has been a manic few months with various projects and other work going on. Despite the chaos there has been some amazing work produced and documented and all that will be up online in a short time.

Structures was a site specific project where by students had to produce a visual response based on the chosen location. They had complete control over where they went, the type of location and what the wished to produce as a final outcome. The site had to inform them of ideas and the response had to visually communicate structures whether physical or metaphorical. The range of outcomes that were provided was amazing ranging from light shows to body casts. The images below are a selection form the year 2 "Design" pathway.

"Sweet Space" reinstalling comfort and safety in childlike spaces thorough the insertion of sweets

"Fuse" a visual response to the word "Echo"

"Mirro-tecture" Fabricating an environment through a reflective structure

"Street Fashion" part of a series a garments that reflected the chosen surroundings

"Forest light" light drawing re-installing a woods that had recently been cut down

"Talking telephone" Telephone box installation giving them a personality and subject to discuss