01-03-13 - Pretty Portfolio's

It is that time of year now where students have had their interviews or currently going through them and I get an opportunity to photograph all portfolios. It's an exciting time where you can reflect on what has been delivered, produced and well executed. Only a few have come into my hands as of yet so beware there are more to come. A few selected pages are featured below.


28-02-13 - Type and the Body

I Have been waiting to post this up for ages, this obscure typographic creation is in response to a task entitled Type and the Body. This two week activity witnessed the 1st years unravel their minds in creating links between typography and the body, how it could be presented as one and how they could incorporate the body into a typographic element. The activity wasn't about just creating a typeface,  but more about communicating the two elements. The example featured below used real hair (donated from a hairdressing salon) and created what appears to be living organic type, a beautiful tactile piece that juxtaposes beauty and filth with some viewers put off my the furriness and the idea of touching someones else reclaimed hair. The pair created the entire alphabet and were applauded in their approach to the project. some of my favourite letter forms are below.