05-06-13 - Autotelic "Private view"

It is finally here, Autotelic the Fine Art & Art & Design end of year show. A massive night that celebrates the hard work, many hours, tears of stress and joy and all things creative. The night was an absolute triumph, and if you didn't get a chance to see it in person "Unlucky" is all I can unfortunately say. However like all good exhibitions many photograph are taken and below should give you an insightful view of what shape the night was in. The work was of a fantastic standard with some great feedback form the general audience as well as colleagues and managers. A massive well done to all the students who exhibited.


03-06-13 - Jack Petchey Award no"3

Well not to highlight this but to get three student Jack Petchey awards in three years of being at South Essex College is not bad running, maybe its just the type of highly driven creatives that keep coming my way. It is great to see those who truly work hard be rewarded and of course I become highly motivated every time we get a winner that represents us as a course and tutors. Pictured below is Liam Cosford, a 1st year student who is to say the least driven by art! enthusiastic and highly motivated as well as creative. As part of the Jack Petchey scheme students are awarded a cash prize to help support aspects of the course, Liam is planning to keep this money safe till next year and spend it on funding part of the years overseas' trip to Pairs. Well done Liam, and I look forward to attending the award ceremony.

30-05-13 - BA (Hons) Graphic Design Show

Wow, it has been a busy busy couple of months, and hence the reason for no blogging and keeping tabs on everything. Autotelic is in full motion, but of course there is always time to visit and give the support in seeing other course shows. The BA Graphic Design show featured work from both year 1 & 2 whilst the 3rd years began final arrangements for Free Range. It was particularly important to me to go and see this show as I had two students who had progressed onto the BA from GAD. The 1st year exhibition was a final body of work responding to Shakespeare and his numerous plays featured at London's Shakespeare Globe theatre, a real simple brief that looked thoroughly into the aesthetics and layout of content whilst attempting to attract to viewer with a range of different visual identities. Jodie Smith (Spider poster featured below) was a former GAD student . The 2nd year show was from a very interesting and intriguing brief entitled "reporters without boarders". The exhibition featured a wide range of visual indents and outcomes responding to the many scenarios we hear of about regarding reporters freedom and the unavoidable danger that these people put themselves in to brings us news. A great brief that had real delicate content to play with, Tom Ettery (T-shirts featured below) was again another former GAD student. It was great to see the development of these two students and to again witness them enjoying their current course.