24.11.13 - "If only we had time"

A few weeks ago you may had read that I had been working on a collection of illustration/print pieces that were going to support the pop-up store coming soon to the Royals shopping centre in Southend-on-sea. "Wish in Mind" is opening this coming Friday and will be open each weekend after throughout the December/X-mas period. Everything available in the store will be of limited edition and a percentage of each sale will go towards "Mind" (the charitable organisation). The collection I have been working on is entitled "If only we had time" inspired by one of my favourite designers, the collection is made up of a series of illustrated cards and prints that depict the importance of making the most of our time "especially around festive seasons". I am in the last stages now, and hope to print the work in the next few days. I will post up images once everything is complete. I hope you will come and visit the store not only just to see/purchase some of my work but to support this great charitable project. For more information on the project CLICK HERE.

09-11-13 - Hybrid Photography "Re-brand"

For the last 6 months (fitting this in and around work) I have been in conversations and working with the guys at Hybrid photography producing a complete re-brand. Dave & Pete aka Hybrid photography cover a real rich of alternative and various approaches to photography, technically unreal, but its not all digital manipulation with them, between to pair they have spent years mastering the essence of light and portraiture to produce some amazing packages that primarily focus on weddings. They have not only worked on sites in London and the UK but oversees also. The guys main aim for the re-brand was to have a contemporary image that matched their style of work. The brief, creating a brand that was recognisable as a photography company to the audience but leaving all those camera icon cliche's at home. It has taken longer than planned, but the new artwork was delivered last week with their approval and should start coming out over the next few months. I'm really happy with the end result and we have spoken about additional artwork but may pursue. It's been a great opportunity to work with the guys and build up my creative portfolio.

03.11.13 - Sound of the week

This weeks sound come from Wilkinson with a track entitled "Afterglow". This has truly been overplayed by myself in the last 7 days, with an average play of 14 times per day. The video is brilliant, a quick insight into a couples relationship with a cool approach to what could be described as data/info graphics. Listen to it, watch it, then listen to it again. Enjoy

01.11.13 - Latex experiments

With the new term around the corner, and a new collection of specialist briefs discussed and drafted, I took the opportunity to have a little play around with creating some interesting printmaking work out of latex. The new fashion communication brief focuses on the exploration of materials with an overarching theme of "deconstruction". With this in mind I wanted to try and deliver something refreshing that was purely experimental with no real considered foreseen outcome/product. I have always been aware of the potentials of latex but having never worked in a sculpture environment or rarely got my hands on it, I wanted to see what use it could be by producing imprints and textures through printmaking processes. 

The characteristics of this substance allows for a transfer of textures from internal and external surfaces, something I think you could really develop into a collection of unraveling experimental outcomes. Producing original unplanned patterns and textures that could then be developed into a fashion based responses would definitely show how versatile you could be as a designer and would sit rather composed in the portfolio. My initial test was covering various materials in latex to witness what impression it would pick up. From this I was able to peel away the latex skin and run it through the scanner/photocopier allowing me to play around with colour alteration and contrast. Finally I took the latex into the printmaking studio and captured the textures formed in both positive and negative. The outcomes produced at this moment are nothing of high credit, but do highlight the possibilities of latex as an aid to design other than the traditional uses. 

I'm looking forward to showcasing the work produced to the students and discussing their approach to working with unconventional materials in different ways.