Friday 15-10-10 - Half Term

Just two weeks into the job & it is now half term. All students have been briefed on what to carry out over their break and for us to push the design process on when we return week commencing 1-11-10.
The plan is to have all phase 1 initial research complete & for the students to now work towards project proposals and design development.

I shall be building up a body of work & resources for their return as well as developing my own skill set & practicing computer skills.

See you in a week

Tuesday 19-10-10 - N55 Space station

Today I put together a brief that involved the experimentation of materials & space. This is the 1st time I had created one of my own briefs & being up in the fine arts department I wanted the session to be hands on involved. N55 & Neal White looked into the concept of compact spacial living & the idea of a space on earth station. Giving the guys a hexagonal plan to work with I allowed them to let their imagination explore the potential of modular shapes & look into the possibilities they could create just by using card. "was it a success?"

well no-one managed to quite create an N55 station however we did have some very interesting modules created by the class. The images below are my two favourite in terms of exploration & looking into connections and possibilities. this is definitely a project that I would like to slip into the "Eco-logic" brief next year

Monday 18-10-10 - Print Session

Today I had an introduction to printmaking, and in specific lino printing. this is something I had never had the opportunity to do but; always wanted to have a go. The students have been working on a series of drawing technique's this terms and cover assistant Chris put together a freehand portrait exercise where by the students had to carve straight onto the lino whilst looking at their partner. understanding the balance of how much to carve out and what is carved isn't printed takes a while to understand, however some of results were fantastic ! each student had adopted a different style and way of using the tools. All in all a very clear and productive session and one that I wouldn't mind adopting in the future.

Friday 15-10-10 - Interior Design Time

Today I was asked by Nicky if I could step in & help her with group 2C covering an Interior Design session as part of their "structures" project. Nicky had previously taken them to an empty retail space located in southend where the students documented the space by taking pictures & measurements. Group 2C is a hybrid group made up of 12 students (all Girls) who are all interested in the pathways of interior design, architecture, fashion and jewelery.
This session I set up a drawing technique known as an isometric drawing, The students had a 2d cad documented plan of the space & I showed them a method of creating a 3d volume of the space. its a tedious method at first & although once you understand the technique involved the drawing evolves quickly. some grasped it an & others were very quick to submit & with a 4 hour session planned out my challenge was to have at least one student take this all the way to the end.

Shawna who is interested in Interior Architecture spent both session taking the drawing to the next stage where we could start clearing some of the lines up & marking it over in pen. I was so happy that one student had finished & by showing the others they soon realized they all the more than enough talent to compete their own.

Tuesday 12-10-10 - East Street Campus

Today we had Group A & B of General Art & Design 1st year over at the colleges East Street campus. This is located about 10 minutes from the main campus. Me and Lee put together a program of events in order to get the students experimenting with their drawing techniques, & all students were required to bring in a metal related object in which they could use as part of their life drawing unit.

The program of events covered a series of techniques & different materials as an opportunity to experiment with contrast, light & depth of their images. Once completed the students were put into pairs & exchanged pieces of their drawing allowing them to create a real mish mash final piece. finally we went onto covering this on a 3D level where by Nicky asked the students to wire draw over the top of their images covering as much detail as possible. 

All together the session was really good & productive, for such a lager group of students to be in a fairly small space they did really well and it highlighted both good & bad issues for myself where I could see potential running through the class. 

Monday - 11-10-10 - 1st day at school

Today I started at South Essex College at their Southend campus, I will be a full time tutor specializing in Graphic & Interior Design. My Main course will be BND general art & design covering 2 years with 3 groups in each year, overall this mounts to around 110 students ( a lot of names to remember). However the college may have plans for me to teach yr 1 BND 3D Design and also on the BA interiors course which is a great privilege to see their confidence in my ability.

As I have never taught before in an institute where I didn't know anyone my 1st week will consist of slowly getting to know the classes and becoming familiar with my to be surroundings with the help of my course leader and colleagues. 

Nervous! it's a strange feeling being I was someone who never enjoyed presenting myself throughout my further education and now that is more or less my daily job role.