Tuesday - 12-07-11 - Getting creative

As much as I have loved every minute of this academic year and with me learning and growing so much as an individual nothing can compare to just being yourself and getting down and creative. 
The last week is always a wind down, completing all outstanding paper work, making sure everything is looking good for next year and then planning (the fun bit). Lucky for me my Course leader lee is a childish and creative as myself, we both love deep groovy beats so we fill the studio with noise and start planning. 

unfortunately Lee was caught up in some rather important course file work that left me to play on my own :(. I decided I would have a go at creating some exciting demostrational pieces of work as I believe "you can't teach what you can't do yourself. As I like setting myself a challeneg and something that I know is going to be a little both "mouth watering" I had a go at the art of paper craft thinking towards the adaptations project we run this year. Let me know what you think.

These were my various adaptations on some classic "Tim Burton" films.

Friday - 08-07-11 - New Designers

It is that time of year where all graduates get both nervous and excited about participating in the big design shows. I didn't have much contact time with the 3rd year Interior students as a lecturer but that didn't stop me going to see their exhibition at New Designers. They had a great space and for a very small group managed to give some of the larger more well known Universities a run for their money. There were both positives and negatives about their work and in fact many of the exhibitors that I saw. 
I wish them every bit of luck in gaining employment at such a difficult time and I look forward to getting more involved next time and really pushing boundaries.

Wednesday - 06-07-11 Screen Printing

Ever since joining South Essex College as a lecturer I have always been inspired and impressed with what was coming out of the printing room. Having a huge interest in print without ever having tried it, I was determined that during my last few weeks at work with students away I would work with print coordinator Sue Little and have an introduction to screen printing. 
I decided that with participation in events company Rejam being mainly graphics and design related that I would use this for my backbone of inspiration. I decided to produce some designs for our up and coming party in mid July. Screen printing is very much experimental, once you have a design on screen there is no real ending to the Screen Printing process. I plan to try and get back into print next year and really master some techniques and improve my skill set as part of CPD.

NCFE SUMMER SCHOOL 25-06-11 - 30-06-11

This year the college decided to plan and host a summer school and NCFE program for those students who had applied for level 3 Art and design courses. We had over 30 learners participate who would get a general idea of how the college works, specialist areas and a qualification in creative Arts and Crafts. The program took place over a 5 day period with the learners being introduced to a series and skills and techniques being delivered by various tutors within their specialist subjects.  The final outcome was for learners to produce a "Mini Me" inspired by Italian designer Luca Gentile aka ""BigChief Design"

They had to create an alter ego of themselves that was influenced by an animal of their choice. Overall there were some fantastic outcome and those who I spoke to, seemed to enjoy the week and were keen to hopefully gain a place and start of South Essex college in September.

Monday - 27-06-11 Where's Wally Night

So after an intense 1st  year of teaching and learning on my part and a 2 year commitment from the GAD team, they decided a night out to celebrate our success was needed. Like most people with an interest in art "we cannot do things normally" so the students decided to host a "wheres wally" fancy dress night. It was unbelievably good with a vast turn out and a majority in consume. The photo below I think shows just how lucky I was to of had a year like this!

Monday - 20-06-11 Echo

Just as I mentioned before, the local papers were very interested in some of our students Final Major projects, this is an amazing experience for the students having their hard work showcased, any it was great to see from a tutor perspective.