Tuesday - 27-09-11 - Travelling Colours

Today I introduced water colours to Level 3 Art & Design 1st years as a process in their recorded journey task. Last week we worked on speed drawings and various other techniques to get a general overview of the level of learners. I used French Illustrator Lapin (who I have referenced before) to showcase his beautiful recorded travel images. This lesson is part of a series where the team will be shown and taught various techniques which will later unfold into their own recorded journey piece. I was so excited by some of the outcomes and overwhelmed by how some of the team took to the task.

Tuesday - 27-09-11 - "Framed" Private view night

Tuesday - 27-09-11 - Origin Craft Show

Here are some of my favourite pieces of work from this weekends Origin Craft fair

Monday - 26-09-11 - "Carbon Made"

As part of the BTEC in Art & Design, the seconds year students have to complete a professional practice unit where they produce an Art based portfolio that showcases both college and personal based work. We as tutors have realized that due to ever growing numbers in applicants that seeing everyone's portfolio isn't always feasible. can Therefore we are aiming to help and support each student in creating an online portfolio using various methods and websites that will overall give a quick professional looking body of work that can be viewed by anyone at anytime.

I was recently introduced to "Carbon Made" a free online resource filled with plenty of templates to get students underway in creating a professional looking portfolio.

Sunday - 25-09-11 - "Londons changing Line"

Due to my infamous connections I had the opportunity gain access onto a site where I could get some great views across the Fenchurch financial sector area of London. One project particular that is soon to exchange the skyline of London is "The Shard" However the site pictures below are of a new project entitled "Bricks & Smarter'. The proposed concept for this site which is now in its 6th floor of construction is an upside down shard which will be top heavy and apparently taller then "The Shard". I'm hoping that I can  continue to gain access onto this site where I can document the progress of this soon to be magnificent piece of architecture.

Friday - 23-09-11 - 1954 East German warehouse clock!

So as I said in my previous post I did buy some things at TENT london. Ive got a great passion for print and was able to get hold of to screen prints that were both part of collections and 1 signed by the artist himself (in front of my eyes). 
My greatest purchase however came off a stool run by a gentleman called Russell Callow form Brentwood who was selling authentic original East and West German clocks. I must of walked past the stool eight times and then eventually spoke with Russell for around an hour trying to find one around the time my father was born (if your gonna buy a clock for someone it should really have some connection). Unfortunately the closest we got was 3 years out, having said that they absolutely loved it and its atheistically quality will just never fade. If you like the look of this have a look on his website.

                               Rare 1954 East German Warehouse Clock

Friday - 23-09-11 - Tent London, Origin & Super Brands

This weekend I spent up brick lane visiting the various design shows put on annually as part of London's design festival. On Friday, me and the team took the 1st years up to "TENT" as part of their research for evolution, it was a great experience for those who hadn't been before and great primary research. The place was heaving with creativity and some fantastic ideas and approaches to design were witnessed. I was so taking it all in that I completely disregarded taking photos and capturing this through a lens! I wanted to sit on furniture, play with products talk to designers and buy stuff . . I will get some photos up soon taking by the students but as for now all you have is the pleasure of seeing my bag collection filled with creative goodness.

Monday - 19-09-11 - "Framed"

Here we have Level 3 National Diploma in Art and Design Present "Framed"

Thursday - 15-09-11 - Lesson Observation

As part of my ongoing DTTLS course I had my first observation by Teacher trainer John Hamilton. Lucky for me it was with my year 2's that were working independently on their "framed" project. Overall the observation went extremely well with me receiving a high 2. I was noted and applauded for my tutor student communication and relationship.

Wednesday - 14-09-11 - EGGS!

Now me being me thought long and hard about how I would introduce graphics as a specialist subject. I thought about it so much that my induction task could be labelled as "absolute genius". Well the team was impressed and yes the students thought I was crazy! just the way I want to be. They didn't see the connection nor did they understand how they were going to achieve the outcome, however they had lots of fun, little bit of stress and some great outcomes. Final images on their way but below is what they were given.

Monday - 12-09-11 - Year 2 Welcome back Induction

So after what has been deemed as the longest summer in their lives, the second years arrived (not on time) but back and hopefully ready to conquer their final year. I can say that without a shadow of a doubt none of them were expecting to be given this.
A one week project based upon the word framed as part part of their structures project. Final pieces coming soon . . .

Thursday - 08-09-11 - Year 1 Induction week

The new 1st years arrived today in force, and it was up to the team to put together a creative one day induction program that would capture there creativity and keep them engaged for the remainder of the year. The project we set was divided into both individual and group based tasks. Students given locations throughout the college atrium, and were asked to record these spaces picking out details and areas that they found interesting.

All students then brought their drawings bask to the studio where we introduced an element of collage. They were asked to respond and interact with each others individual recordings and produce a wide panoramic view of the college atrium.