7.07.14 - "Your Studio" @ The Design Museum

"Your Studio" is regular event held at the Design museum for students of all ages studying an arts related subject. Its purpose is to examine and discuss key figures within the world of design, get close and personal with the museums collection of prestigious design artifacts and products and implement different ways of being creative including the design process, pitching ideas, and identifying a good design. 

The Design Museum however scheduled in a special event for teaching staff to come and try this out, looking at their current exhibition designers of the year, discussing current design education and planning a design proposal based upon a live brief. It was a opportunity for myself and colleague/friend Maria Swepson to let our hair down now that the academic year was over and become creative again, we examined a collection of design objects, proposed exciting opportunities in response to our "everyday problems" brief and then participated in a group discussion started by one of their recent "designers in residence" winners. Maria also hinted to me at joining the panel where we discussed approaches to being creative, our own education and how we deliver design and other ongoing issues.

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