17.07.14 - UAL Origin Awards night

OK, so can you remember me discussing that UAL had selected Ryan Christy from our FAD course to exhibit his work at Chelsea College of Arts? Well tonight was the awards night, the two exhibition spaces were filled with anxious students, supporting family members and friends, lectures and other visiting staff, UAL directors and examining body members and of course everyone was graced with the presence of Sir Grayson Perry who gave an incredible speech about pushing boundaries, continuing your art journey and in his own words "Don't get off the F**king creative train". Well what more is there to mention other than "RYAN WON!" Yes South Essex College FAD has once again found its place in London, making other institution aware of what we are capable of. In my opinion this year could not have ended in another way! an incredible night for myself, and Ryan who undoubtedly deserved to win "hands down"

A few pictures from the night and obviously a cheeky photo with Ryan and Sir Grayson

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