08.09.2014 - Foundation Diploma 2014/2015

And so it begins, a new term and a new cohort of students. To think that a year with the new team has already passed is scary to say the least, it was time to see what the new ones were like and to start making our initial developments with them to transform them in lateral thinkers, professional communicators and highly exploratory and experimental creative students. 

I always enjoy part of FAD, its rotational nature with students getting a taste for each of the pathways on offer. With the growth in numbers this year we were able to offer 5 groups and add fine art 2D to our options. The rotational stage also allows staff to really deliver some exciting activities with the students. Building on from the success of last year we discussed as a team that we wanted each rotation to last two weeks to allow scope for additional tasks and to discuss other aspects of the pathway.

The 360 project will now last a total of ten weeks and will give students a real eclectic mix of evidence all of which has the potential to slip straight into the portfolio. Alongside this visual recording and contextual studies has also began with experimental mark making and some rich informal lecture delivered by maria on topics that connect our drawing work and educational trips.

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