Saturday 02-04-11 - The power of Graphic Design

Being this blog is about teaching and my progress as a professional I decided that I wouldn't post up any social and general stuff, however this I feel is different and deserves a place on my blog. The power of graphics, a slogan, logo or just a picture. How it makes an individual feel and the story behind that piece.

My young cousin "Megan Norfolk" has decided to take part in this years "Race for life". she has a passion for both History and Art and in particular is fascinated by the historical culture of our family and past members. She has produced this graphic to be printed onto her t-shirt whilst participating in "Race for life" and I truly believe that for her age the emotional status and impact of this deign will shed a fear tears and hopefully raise a few pounds for the well justified charity. details of how to sponsor will be available soon but I wish her the best of luck.

Tuesday - 29-03-11 - Hand made sculptures

The new year 1 project "Location location" started last week but with all the deadlines and marking taking over I never really got to get into my lesson as I would have liked to. With year 1 going into their chosen pathways after Easter I decided this was a perfect time to have a lot of fun with some crazy lessons, and show the students that graphics isn't all about CAD and computers but is essentially a form of visual communication in a variety of formats.

Based on the designer Mark Jenkins and in regards to this weeks sub theme of "Everyday" I wanted the team to produce some mini test pieces that will later influence their skills when we take this lesson outside of the college environment. Mark Jenkins produces body sculptures and places them into different locations creating shocking scenarios, his materials and chosen process - cello tape wrapped round human forms. I must say that the team thoroughly enjoyed the task and there were a few cry's as to why they didn't pick graphics next term. (this was my cunning plan)

Wednesday - 23-03-11 PTTLS Complete

I have now finished my 5 week intense PTTLS course with the final submission of a completed portfolio done. I will now start my 2 year Diploma course which goes into more detail but it a little bit more paced out. I have really enjoyed this experience so far, and it has really helped me with the theoretical side to teaching.

I also had a double observation on Monday whereby I managed to succeeded in gaining a Level 2. I am thrilled to bits with this being there are only 4 levels and i have only been teaching 6 months. next time its all go for an outstanding level 1.

Monday - 21-03-11 - Adaptations Submitted

Another project complete as Year 2 submit their last project before starting their Final Major. The depth of this project has truly been captured by some of the outcomes showcasing a wide variety of different, techniques, processes and discipline.

Adapations - the artists adaption on a piece of text.

There were so many to choose from in terms of what I thought could summarize this project, and so many outcomes I wish I could show, however I have narrowed it done to one of my favorite pieces of student work I have seen in a long time. Paige Lazarus is part of the "design crafts" discipline and this was her amended book adaption on the classic marry Shelley's "Frankenstein" her piece was based on the chapter where by Victor Frankenstein has pushed this creature out of his home and he was let loose in the forests.  Its the detail that is captured and the physical production of this piece that makes it stand out, a fantastic representation of time, effort and studentship.