Tuesday - 29-11-11 - FDA

I have recently become part of the Foundation Diploma teaching team. These guys are the Graphic Design pathway students and the whole session is devised around group critiques and tutorials. I am really enjoying being surrounded by so many refreshing young designers! their motivation, ideas and creativity is lighting up the studio and in fact the whole of Southend on-Sea. At the moment the team is working on a project entitled "Museum of the ordinary". Exhibition is on its way

Monday - 28-11-11 - 1 Week till "Home Sweet Home"

We have one week till "Home sweet Home" launches, I have been working on some promotional artwork ready for the exhibition.

Sunday - 20-11-11 - Home Sweet Home Exhibition

Sunday - 20-11-11 - QR Scan Code

I have recently set up a created my own QR Scan code that will now direct you straight to my blog page. This is something I have been wanting to do for a while. (Keeping up with the pace of technology).

Friday - 18-11-11 - Fulham Wharf hit by consumerism

Today I was sent a picture my my designer and graduate friend Dan Evans who studied with me on BA IDEA at Ravensbourne. As part of my final major project I worked on the design of a concept to resurrect the derelict building that is Fulham Wharf. I spent over 5 months on this project and visited the building many times becoming "one could say" attached to the aesthetics that this building held. Fulham Wharf has been derelict for over 20 years with passers by only ever witnessing the front facade of the building when entering Sainsburys' located next door. I would have aspired to have seen this building take on a new function and be restored to its former self, however I am sad to say that because of the impact of mass consumerism we have once again lost another great piece of architecture to "A fucking supermarket". Thank god, the main building is listed and therefore will not be demolished.

Thursday - 10-11-11 - Bembo's Zoo

With my year 2 Graphic students continuing to work on "Structures" I have related a large amount of my tasks on Type, Image, Architecture. This has been part of my plan to open them up to a variety of new techniques and subjects. I discovered Bembos' Zoo last year when working on a 1st project, the site is flash media based and comprises of animals made up of the letter forms. The whole process is exciting to watch, and highly effective when discussing the structure of type and how it can lend itself to communicate imagery. As we had just come back from a trip up London I wanted the team to create a reaction to Bembos' Zoo but to choose a building rather than an animal. There were some creative and effective outcomes, overall I think it gave the class a headache but the task was accepted and met.

St Paul's Cathedral

Tuesday - 08-11-11 - BA hons Interior Paper Chairs

For the last couple of sessions as part of the 1st years "Visual Recording unit" we have been studying forms and details of various chairs and going through the notions of recording them using various mediums. As a bit of a break away I set them the challenge to use there collated drawings and to produce a 1/1 full scale model of a chair using paper and tape. "I have never seen so much mess in a studio" but all in all some great results by the team. These will hopefully be going up in the studio just as a inspirational reference whilst continuing to work towards completion of their visual recording unit.

Saturday - 05-11-11 - 5029 Promotional Material

At work (South Essex College) like most FE colleges we host a series of open nights / events for potential new students. These nights are a great opportunity to showcase current work and talk to parent and students about what our course is about. I have recently decided to take on the task of producing some new exciting course promotional material as we have none in current existence. 

Some of the other course have got flyer's but I really wanted to go create something exciting and that the user has to interact with. I see this as a great opportunity and slightly refreshing as this could be the difference between someone applying for our course. I have not had any of this work approved by my course leader or manager yet so for now I will just show you a preview of some pages.

Ive been working extremely hard on this and fingers crossed it will be approved and printed in time for the next open event.

Thursday - 03-11-11 - Glassware

My work colleague / friend and Craft Designer Chloe Smith was a set a little challenge by me this week challenge this week. It was to produce a mini "Rejam" Character out of glass that will eventually become a necklace and part of their existing promotional ware. I had a little go in the studio at glass cutting and let me tell you, "It's difficult".

Anyhow here is the result of her marvelous crafting techniques, Cannot wait to show this to the team at Rejam Music.

Thursday - 01-11-11 - Movember

It's that time of year again. if you click on the following ESSTASH you can make a donation to my team for growing 100% pure Essex moustaches'.