21-08-12 - Meet Your Print Maker Blog

Whilst planning and developing a scheme of work for this years UAL certificate in Print making,  I came across a fantastic blog featuring a directory of print makers and print shops. Meet Your Print maker has labelled each print process as a directory to make your searches easier and the information direct. A great resource for students who wish to uncover artist, designers and companies that deal with a particular printing processes. Each post showcases visuals and has direct links straight to the artists website. Well worth checking out, there is so much print based information on this blog.

19-08-12 - Rob Ryan @ Charleston Gallery

As previously posted up, I mentioned that artist Rob Ryan was exhibiting a small collection of his prestigious works for the Charleston Gallery summer show in Lewes. Charleston Gallery was home to artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant who formed a collaborative group of artists, writers and poets known as "Bloomsbury". The house still holds many original works produced, not to mention the entire house and its furniture being decorated by the artists. Rob Ryan's collection of handmade paper cuts and ceramic pieces were a marvelous sight, and for too long have I only been able to see his work in books and online. The exhibition is free and runs until 2 September, there is also a shop with some of Rob Ryan's work available to purchase. I thoroughly enjoyed going out to Charleston Gallery and experiencing both Rob's collection along with the house, gardens, English tea and scones I had. I cannot wait to get back into the studio and start drafting some ideas and creating some of my own paper cuts, as well as working with the students.


14-08-12 - Abyss series 1

Leading from the work I produced as part of the Departed soles exhibition back in May, I have been intrigued by my leading source of inspiration Luis Dourado. Luis's digital manipulation work captures an essence of movement through the overlap of imagery, for further information and examples of Luis Dourados' work click here. This simple yet effective process is something that I will be demonstrating to students next term as part of their 'Structures' project. My personal series entitled "Abyss" is designed to absorb the user into the image conditioning the essence of time and structure. Like all work produced by myself it is available for print/sale, just message me for details. Digital photo manipulation is something I will continue to work with and the series will expand. For me it is all about about experimentation and sharing creative ideas.

02-08-12 - Graze Food Box

Forever talking about diets, healthy eating and exercise led me to having a long and interesting conversation with my colleague, fashion coordinator and friend Emma Bagley. She introduced me to the world of Graze foods, an exciting company dealing with healthy foods on a real personal level. I looked into Graze foods a Little bit more and Saw that they had a range of interesting products on offer with the deal being select what you want to try, select the days you want them delivered and job done. My first experimental box arrived on time and not only was I taken back by how beautiful the food tasted, but with always being on the look out for eye captivating design work I was taken back by how well the company packaged and promoted itself. I would order another box just for the packaging. a really well executed design solution to size, branding and keeping the user amused whilst eating their products.

26-07-12 - SPQR Newspaper

Anyone who knows me as a work colleague, lecturer and even as friends and family knows my love for the artists that is Rob Ryan. he is a constant reference to my enthusiasm for paper craft and printmaking and inspires me to teach art without a shadow of a doubt. The only thing that would stop me from teaching is to work for him (and that has not happened because I have not applied yet haha). Anyway, as I regularly look at Robs Blog and other websites informing me of what the main is up to, I was informed that Rob and his team were releasing a quarterly based newspaper about the work of Rob Ryan and everything that is Ryan town. Silly to say they arrived through my door 4 days later and I cannot stress how motivating they are. full of new works, test pieces and just a general insight about how Rob has come to be so successful. Of course to photograph the entire newspaper would defeat of purchasing your own copy, however I have photographed some of the pages to give you a taste. If you are a fan of Rob Ryan or like what you see below then he will be exhibiting both ceramic and paper craft pieces at Charleston Gallery in East Sussex during the summer.

22-07-12 - Olympic Sculptures

If not by being slightly disturbed then definitely by coincidence, I came across an obscure sculpture and installation in my local park on Sunday. "Nothing set in stone" designed by Mila Calix is a reactive installation piece that when stood by and around plays a weary slightly horror film song. It was only when I was walking around Fairlop waters nature reserve in Redbridge Essex that I heard what could only be described as "Small girls singing in the bushes". It was only until I walked further on and up the path to where the sculpture was situated that I could take in what it was all about. I do enjoy that the local area where I live has embraced the Olympics and that the major of London is funding pieces of artwork and installations to be site specific in public places. I believe it plays a great role in keeping people interested in art. I must say that if you were to be around the sculpture at night it would be something like that of the Blair witch project.

14-07-12 - Designer Polar Bear

Like all good artists and designers, we like to keep hold of our childhood memories as a drive and still to this day find the topic matter inspiring and needed in our lives. "Well I do". From having my favourite children's film tattooed on my body to collecting the famous soft toy characters that promote consumerism and bring a smile on to my face when entering my room. Birdseye are very much on trend this year like other brands such as "PG Tips and "Go Compare" they to have incorporated a soft toy character to represent them and inspire people to eat frozen peas and fish. Not only that, they have made an indefinite amount of people extremely happy or unhappy depending on whether you were one of the lucky ones to get your hands on a limited edition "Clarence the Birdseye Bear". I have been meaning to post about this for a month or so as I was one of the original unfortunate ones to have missed out on the "Polar bear" extravaganza and I didn't even realise you could get your hands on him until it was too late. To my absolute surprise and thanks to my amazing girlfriend who supports and attempts to understand my strange ways, surprised me with one as a birthday present. He now sits peacefully and securely with the PG tips gang. 

He is smaller than the one used in the adverts but none the less has made me smile since his arrival. (The badge is from artist Rob Ryan)